Interior Design Malaysia I Style For Homes, Offices & Commercials

Are you finding a reliable Interior Design & Renovation company in Penang or Kedah, Malaysia? Then, don’t worry! Your every designing idea will reach a specific visualization. Your ideas and interior design will get its size, shape and elaborate colors by our experienced interior designer in Malaysia.

Our specialization on the fields of home interior design, commercial Interior design and various design style is something to be considered with applause and excellence!

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Home Interior Design

Your ideas and interior designs will get its size, shape and elaborate colors by our experienced home interior designers. Home interior design covers Kitchen, Living Room, Bedroom, Study Room and Toilet.

Commercial Interior Design

Are you looking for someone to change your office / working space, or your restaurant into a better environment? A expert interior design can be your best investment ever! So let us word hard! Play Hard!

Who Should Use Our Interior Design and Renovation Service?

Our interior design service area covers Penang & Kedah, Malaysia.

  • People who want to SAVE Money        

    It might sound strange, but our interior designers help you to get the best contractor for renovation and avoid costly mistakes!

  • People who are lazy / don’t know how to do Planning & Budget

    Interior Designers know where to go for things related to your house. They do decoration & market research for living!

  • People who want ‘Wow’ factor in their home and office

    Stop cracking your head on how you should decorate your home interior / office. Let the professional do the job.

  • People who need wider network of contractors to renovate your house.

    Sick of lousy renovation work? Our guys know who is best to deal with when it come to home improvement contractors.

The Reasons Behind Trusting YK Design & Renovation

YK Design & Renovation that make a statement in style and transforming spaces.

  • Clients Are The KING!

    We put our clients’ wants at the top priority! YK Design & Renovation understands that you don’t want to pay for something that you don’t want. We’ll always start from face-to-face meeting to understand your desired style, project goal, needs and want.

    Of course, our interior designer’s duty is not to say “YES” all the time. They will give suitable advice when it is necessary to make the design present in the best way.

  • Professional & CREATIVE Interior Design

    Our Interior Designer take the responsibility of making your office interior design or your home interior design POP! Creative juice mix with the good understanding of design is the receipe to deliver the best design. Our home interior design is completely inspired from the surrounding ambience which every natural element creates.

  • Interior Design Fit Your Budget

    Whether it is about kitchen interior design or toilet interior design, our interior designers make sure that the clients can afford the expenditure satisfaction as well as enjoy their remodeled house or newly renovated or office. If it is about office interior design, then we can reassure that our interior designers can make out the unnecessary faults and save the clients from extra expenses.

Need Some Interior Design / Decorating Ideas?

Let Our Professional Interior Designers Propose The Ideas You’ll Love!